The Creation of

It is all hand carved and constructed
by artists !

A team of 15 imagineers , artists, scenic carpenters, lighting designers, scenic painters, musicians and sculptors worked for four months to put together our one of a kind show.

It all starts with the pumpkin… of course. The foam pumpkins are molded from real pumpkins and that is where the magic begins.

From there our partners at Jack o lantern journey carve individual pumpkins and multi pumpkin structures to create the different themes you see at GLOWING PUMPKINS.

Each scene is carefully thought out to make sure there is something for everyone to enjoy at the show.

One individual pumpkin can take 8 hours for an artist to carve. Some of the larger structures like our multi pumpkin dinosaurs take weeks.

Please let us know your favorite themes or better yet share with us a new idea for us to “Pumpkin“ and make it a part of our show next halloween season.

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